“Tinubu Was Handicapped” – Bagudu Speaks On Why President Didn’t Lobby For El-Rufai To Become Minister

"Tinubu Was Handicapped" - Bagudu Speaks On Why President Didn't Lobby For El-Rufai To Become Minister

The Minister of Budget and Economic Planning, Atiku Bagudu, has absolved President Bola Tinubu of any blame in the scenario which played out over the failure of the National Assembly to confirm former Kaduna State Governor as a Minister.

Speaking during an interview with Premium Times, Bagudu submitted that Tinubu played his role by nominating El-Rufai for appointment, but going ahead to lobby the National Assembly after the former Governor was rejected, would be an abuse of power and lack of respect for the separation of power between the executive and the legislative arms of government.

The Minister added that President Tinubu was constitutionally handicapped and had to respect the decision of the lawmakers not to confirm El-rufai.

Naija News recalls that President Tinubu nominated El-Rufai for a ministerial appointment, but the National Assembly failed to confirm him after screening, citing a lack of security clearance.

El-Rufai later withdrew his interest in working for the Tinubu government.

“Constitutional democracy is based on separation of powers. The Senate has been given a constitutional role in the confirmation process. If they decide to deny any one of us, they are approving their confirmation power.”

“The president is handicapped by our constitution to do everything. Is it fair? But that is how the laws have been set up,” he stated.

Bagudu added that the president did everything constitutionally possible to have Mr El Rufai in his cabinet.

“I wish the National Assembly had confirmed him,” the Minister said.

When asked why President Tinubu did not intervene or lobby the National Assembly to confirm El-Rufai, Bagudu said he would not want to speculate, but for Tinubu to have nominated El-Rufai, it shows he wanted him as part of his government.

“What was done objectively is that the president nominated him. We know that his name was read at the Senate. He went to the National Assembly for screening. He answered all the questions that were asked of him. Although some were stepped down.

“So that’s an objective way to look at it. That is what happened. I can’t answer speculatively, but I believe for the president to submit your name, for you at least to be taken to the National assembly, it’s the best measure of the president’s willingness and confidence in the person,” he said.

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