Tinubu Taking Actions Nigeria Should Have Taken More Than 10 Years Ago – Bagudu

Tinubu Taking Actions Nigeria Should Have Taken More Than 10 Years Ago - Bagudu

The Minister of Budget and Economic Planning, Atiku Bagudu, has defended the policies of President Bola Tinubu, saying they are what Nigeria needs to make progress.

According to him, the steps and policies President Tinubu is taking at the moment are what Nigeria and its leaders should have taken decades ago.

Bagudu argued that although the policies may seem harsh at the moment, the country will reap the benefits soon.

The Minister further praised President Tinubu for his bold steps in taking hard decisions.

He stressed that if Nigeria wants to become better like other countries of the world, then it must be ready to take tough measures without compromise.

Speaking in an interview with Premium Times which was published on Sunday, , Bagudu said, “For me, as a political appointee, maybe more than a political appointee, both before and now in government, I know that what the president has done in the last 10 months has been outstanding.

“First, he took one of the bold steps that all the presidential candidates said should be taken, which is the removal of fuel subsidy. Aside from the subsidy, there is also a measure on the deregulation of the foreign exchange market so that investors can return to our country.

“This is not even an issue of blame game. President Tinubu decided that he would not play the blame game.

“But Nigerians have been hesitant in taking some actions that should have been taken decades ago.

“We want to be like Asian countries, we want to grow like Brazil but Brazil and those Asian countries that we want, we are competing with, have taken measures that we needed to have taken decades ago.

“The president is even bold to acknowledge that. Let’s do it now. Some of these measures have consequences which we acknowledge. And that’s why again, a number of measures are introduced in order to ameliorate the situation.

“These measures are helpful to Nigeria, irrespective of North or South because they are to restore macroeconomic stability, to restore security in the country and make it better so that investors will feel confident. And equally, the security effort has been outstanding. A lot of the gains of the past have been improved, often, particularly, in many parts of northern Nigeria and the budget itself.”

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