By Amina Usman, Senior Correspondent, youtHouse reporters, Abuja BurEU.

The youtHouse reporters, nicknamed “THE GREAT GREEN PARROT”, has concluded partnership deal with the Nigerian Youth Political Agenda (NYPA) Group to launch a nationwide Mass Sensitization Campaign tagged “OPERATION YOUTHILITY VALUE” aimed at Youth Mainstreaming in Governance and Decision Making Processes in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Youth Political Agenda 2017 -2023 is a Youth Driven and Youth Focused Political Movement with a time frame of 2017 to 2023 to achieve radical Power Shift in Governance from Old Generation of Politicians to a New Breed of Young Leaders, at all tiers of Government in the Federation.

After a Meeting between leadership of the youtHouse  reporters and NYPA, the Executive Publisher of the GREAT GREEN PARROT, Mazi Oscar David Kalu (The RISING-SON) and the Executive Director of NYPA, Comr. Moses Kasar Teryima, jointly informed the Press that “OPERATION YOUTHILITY VALUE” implies thorough assessment of the Age Bracket, with level of contributions to the actualization of the Collective Aspirations of the Nigerian Youth, by both  existing and aspiring Political Leaders in Nigeria.

In their words “2023 shall no longer be business as usual in Electioneering Processes in Nigeria, as OPERATION YOUTHILITY VALUE will be so intensified across the Nation that the Youths shall be conscientized to primarily consider Age, Merit and contributions to Youth Development, before supporting or voting for any Candidate in the 2023 General Elections in Nigeria”

They further stated that the Campaign shall commence Online at a Virtual Flag-Off Ceremony by second week of February 2021, in Abuja, after which a Peer-To-Peer (P-2-P) physical sensitization shall be conducted at Community Levels, across the Country.

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