Zamfara Govt Declares Clampdown On Workers Receiving Multiple Salaries

Zamfara Governor, Lawal Reacts To Supreme Court Victory

Zamfara State Governor, Dauda Lawal has announced his administration’s commitment to rigorously tackling the issue of workers receiving multiple salaries in the state’s civil service.

Naija News reports that the declaration was made during the 2024 Workers’ Day celebration in Gusau, where he addressed the state workforce and highlighted his government’s dedication to sanitizing the civil service system.

Addressing the gathering, Governor Lawal expressed concern over the present state of the civil service, noting both the unsatisfactory remuneration of the workers and their working conditions

“I am not impressed with workers’ take-home as well as the working condition in the state, but I must first ascertain the actual and genuine figure of workers to be able to decide what to pay as minimum wage,” he stated.

The governor appealed to the labour force to support his administration’s efforts to rectify these issues.

He emphasized that his policies are aimed at enhancing the working conditions for state employees without intending to witch-hunt or unfairly target anyone.

“Our policies are not meant to witch-hunt anybody but we are determined to ensure good reform in the public service and other sectors of the economy,” Governor Lawal assured.

In addition to addressing payroll irregularities, the governor highlighted his administration’s progress in resolving outstanding financial obligations to workers.

“So far, we have paid a total of ₦3.841 billion for the settlement of gratuity and backlog of pension for both state and local government employees. This will continue until all backlog of pension and gratuity are paid completely,” he affirmed.

Governor Lawal reassured the workforce that once the issues with ghost workers, multiple salary earners, and other irregularities are resolved, his administration will announce a new minimum wage.

The ongoing efforts to authenticate the real staff of both state and local government levels are part of a broader initiative to overhaul and improve the efficiency of the state’s payroll system.

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