When Nigeria happens to Nigerians because of incompetence of Government officials and they give all kind of excuse for leadership failure.

Nigeria is the only OPEC country that experiences long fuel queues occasioned by fuel shortages due to scarcity.

They have removed subsidy, Nigerians are buying fuel at the cost of over 400% and we claim to be an oil producing country.

If NNPC is saying that there is petroleum product and we can’t see then NNPC should work the talk and put an end to this unnecessary sufferings of the people.

Nigeria is bleeding. Nigeria is on the slide. Nigerians are suffering.
For how long will this suffering upon suffering by Nigerian masses continue?

Early in the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu which to all the discerning minds of which CUPP is one, knew that nothing positive would be achieved with the so called full deregulation of the premium motor spirit which has led to the escalation of pump price of premium motor spirit, the spirit that pumps the engine of mobility, commerce and economy of the nation.
With the over three hundred per cent increase, Nigerians thought that the product would be obtained with ease, not minding the exorbitant rate, they accepted their fate with philosophical equanimity without any iota of fuss, but what have they gotten in return? suffering upon suffering, running way inflation upon stagflation, insecurity upon insecurity, kidnapping upon kidnapping, killings upon killings, abject poverty, and depression.
Nigerians are back to ground zero.

CUPP is not surprised by the fuel queues that have resurfaced in all the nooks and crannies of our dear country. The rate at which the government of President Tinubu is on a borrowing binge, coupled with the floatation of the naira, is nothing but a recipe for disaster and insolvency
CUPP knows that the federal government, through the Nigerian National Petroleum’s proffered excuse of logistical problems as the cause of the present premium motor spirit scarcity, is nothing but a smokescreen.
Nigeria is broke, bankrupt, and unable to import a product that it should ordinarily be exporting to other nations because of its being awashed with the raw materials for oil refining, which is crude oil.

CUPP believes that Nigerians should brace up for the worst. The present APC government, through its utterances and actions, has not shown any fidelity to Nigerians. The Petroleum Ministry headed by President Tinubu has been spewing out lies upon lies regarding the health of the local refineries in Port Harcourt, Warri, Kaduna. All promises regarding their resumption of production have all turned negative.
Even the Dangote refinery, which is a private entity, has joined the government in the deception.

Nigeria cannot continue like this. Nigerians should wake up and resist this premeditated oppression by their leaders, or else there may be no country to call their own.

High Chief Peter Ameh,
National Secretary, CUPP

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