The Menace Of ‘S3x-For-Roles’ In Nollywood Industry


Sex for roles has become a phenomenon in the entertainment sector, especially among Nigerian skitmakers and the Nollywood industry.

Naija New reports that the idea of sex for roles arises when actors are picked based on sexual favours by movie producers instead of individuals that merit such competing roles.

The menace is mainly associated with female movie stars, which many admitted was killing the industry, and there are many reasons attributed to it.

While some stakeholders believe that there is no justification for actresses being subjected to submitting their bodies before being assigned roles, others believe that some willingly offer their bodies to get prominent roles in Movies, especially the fast-rising female folks.

However, while some of the industry’s key players have denied the menace in the movie industry, others like Yomi Fabiyi, Odunlade, Adekola, Yemi Solade, Adebayo Tijani, and many others have been accused of demanding sex from their colleagues, but they denied it.

In a recent interview, veteran Nollywood actress, Shan George asserted that no movie director sleeps with any girl or actress for a movie role except on mutual agreement and feelings.

Shan debunked the claims that the movie industry is compromised, stressing that a movie director will only sleep with a girl who is probably an outstanding actress or that the duo are attracted to each other.

In contrast, when the issue of ‘sex-for-roles’ generated controversy online in 2022, Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, debunked the claims that females are asked for sexual favours to get movie roles in the movie industry.

The movie star said such tales were not true, saying that many female Nollywood stars were not working hard to live up to the roles they were cast for.

In an interview with Naija News, Nollywood actress, Lydian John, clarified that ‘sex-for-role’ is not peculiar to only fast-rising actresses aiming to hit the spotlight.

She said, “We must first understand that “sex for roles” stems from a rotten mindset, and it is not the standard. Therefore, an audacious, unscrupulous person can make such requests to anyone, especially young, impressionable actors.”

Speaking on why the menace is still existing in the film industry, the thespian said, “There will never be a perfect world, and hence; no perfect industry exists. The duality of nature allows for the existence of good and bad. It also allows people to make their own choices. Some have chosen that route to make their mark in the industry, exchanging dignity for fame and money.

“Some too, have chosen the more honourable path of hard work, seeking knowledge, acquiring skills, constant practice towards improvement, patience, strategy, networking, and God’s Grace. Some others are yet to make their choice.”

Lydian noted that only those desperate for fame fall victim to the menace, “Not all actresses and actors succumb to immoral demands. It’s only those who are naive, ignorant, and morally bankrupt, especially those desperate for fame, that allow themselves to engage in it. We still have honourable actors in this industry.

Speaking on possible ways to curb the immoral act in the movie industry, Lydian John said, “The menace can indeed be curbed, even if not completely eradicated. It can be curbed when the majority have a sense of self-worth. They need healthy self-esteem to know that they can rise without going under the sheets.

“They need to learn the right ways to do things and have the integrity to do the right things even when no one is looking. The discipline to stay the course and do the hard work it entails to create great work is very important.

“It can be curbed if victims are bold enough to expose the perpetrators without fear of being victimized by other filmmakers and society. It can be curbed if laws are put in place to punish offenders so that it will serve as a deterrent to others.

“It can be curbed if awareness is created around the subject matter to educate the naive and the ignorant so as to prevent them from falling victim. Also, education will help to discourage the desperate from following that route while encouraging them to do the right things on their road to success.

“It is better to get to the top with no regrets than to sacrifice your Honour on the altar of fame and lust. These things are also not sustainable, and a good name is worth all the money and fame in the world. It is better to be known for something good than to be notorious for negative reasons. What legacy are you creating for yourself?”

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