Price Of Block In Nigeria As Cement Sells For N10,000

Nigeria’s construction sector is grappling with a steep increase in the cost of building materials, notably the price of blocks, which has surged due to the rising costs of cement and sharp sand.

Blocks, a fundamental component in construction, come in various sizes such as 6 inches, 5 inches, and 9 inches, each available in hollow and non-hollow variants.

This variety accommodates different structural needs, making blocks a versatile and essential building material.

Cement blocks, compared to traditional bricks, offer a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution for construction projects.

As a key element of precast concrete building materials, these blocks are manufactured and cured off-site before being transported to construction locations, contributing to their efficiency and reliability in building projects.

The cost of blocks in Nigeria varies significantly depending on the location and the price of a trip of sand in the area.

On average, a 6 inches block is priced at 350 naira, while a 9 inches block goes for about 550 naira.

The production cost is directly tied to the price of cement, with a bag of cement yielding approximately 45 blocks of 6 inches, and a 20 tons trip of sand producing around 315 blocks.

In addition to size differences, the market offers blocks tailored for specific construction purposes, including regular and stone dust blocks.

These are predominantly used for laying foundations and erecting walls, with their quality and suitability for different structural applications influencing their market prices.

The average price of 5 inches blocks in Nigeria is N250

Price of 6 Inches block in Nigeria

Hollow 6 inches blocks – N350

Non-Hollow 6 inches blocks – N350

Stone dust blocks – N350

Price of 9 inches block in Nigeria

Hollow 9 inches Blocks – N500

Stone dust blocks – N550

Non-Hollow 9 inches Blocks – N650

Solid concrete blocks – N450

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