Politicians Won’t Go To Court If Judiciary Is Fair, Upright – Jonathan

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Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has expressed his view that a fair and upright judiciary could significantly reduce the number of politicians who resort to legal battles over election outcomes.

He made these remarks during the inauguration of the new High Court Complex in Asaba, Delta State, on Tuesday.

Jonathan emphasized the critical role of electoral integrity in diminishing politicians’ inclination to challenge election results in court.

“My thinking is that 50 percent of those who go to court do so because they felt they were cheated by the electoral management system; they were rigged out,” he stated.

He suggested that if elections were conducted properly and the judiciary remained impartial, fewer politicians would seek judicial intervention.

The former President also drew comparisons with South Africa, noting its robust electoral system and an unyielding judiciary, which collectively discourage unnecessary legal challenges.

“In South Africa, the electoral management body will never compromise, and neither does the judiciary. So, if you lose an election, you just wait for the next one. You don’t need to go to court,” he explained.

Furthermore, Jonathan commended the Delta State Government for its commitment to improving the working conditions for judicial officers and for its focus on infrastructural development.

He lauded Governor Sheriff Oborevwori for continuing projects initiated by previous administrations, highlighting the importance of governmental continuity in fostering state development.

Jonathan cited the new High Court Complex, initiated in 1991 and only now completed, as a testament to the state’s dedication to judicial excellence and infrastructural progress.

This initiative, he noted, is fundamental to the growth and development of Delta State, setting a precedent for future administrations to uphold.

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