Ondo Court Dethrones Monarch After Ruling For 29 Years

Court Of Appeal Takes Fresh Decision On Detention Of Nnamdi Kanu's Lawyer

The Ondo High Court has officially dethroned Oba Michael Adetunji, the first-class monarch of Ute in Ose Local Council, after a 29-year-long chieftaincy dispute.

Naija News reports that Justice Enikuomehin’s ruling concludes a decades-long legal battle involving the Olule Omoloja ruling house and the now-deposed monarch.

Oba Adetunji, who served as the Olute of Ute for nearly three decades, is a retired military officer.

The court’s decision now forbids him from further parading himself as the Olute and mandates a fresh selection process to be initiated from the Olule Omoloja ruling lineage.

The legal proceedings, which started back in 1995, have seen various turns and appeals, including a decision from the Supreme Court that sent the case back to the High Court for a fresh hearing after a judgment at the Appellate Court.

Mr. Adewumi Fabuluje, the counsel representing the claimant, expressed relief and satisfaction at the outcome.

“It’s victory at last for the Olule Omolaja Ruling House,” Fabuluje stated, emphasizing the exhaustive journey through the judicial system to reach this point.

In addition to deposing the monarch, the court also resolved that another claimant, Oluwole, who was part of the kingmakers, had no rightful claim to the throne.

The decision includes the award of damages, though specific details were not disclosed.

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