Nigerians React To Congratulatory Message Of Actor, Daniel Etim’s Wife To Kunle Remi And Tiwi

Nigerians React To Congratulatory Message Of Actor, Daniel Etim’s Wife To Kunle Remi And His Wife, Tiwi

Some Nigerians have berated media personality, Toyosi Etim-Effiong, the wife of Nollywood actor, Daniel Etim, over her congratulatory message to the newly-wed couple, Kunle Remi and Tiwi.

Naija News reports that Toyosi, in a post via Instagram on Sunday, revealed she was initially scared over the union of Kunle and Tiwi, but it subsided after multiple conversations and observations of their interaction.

Toyosi added that she is excited at how happy and intentional the couple are and how beautiful they looked in the videos and pictures of their wedding over the weekend.

She wrote, “This couple is special to me. Tiwi has been my aburo for much longer than I’ve known Daniel and when she told me about Kunle, I can’t lie, my heart did “GBISH GBISH” because I know FIRSTHAND about the… uniqueness of this kind of union.

“The attention and affection that these fine-boy, hand-rubbing, chest-showing, sunglasses-wearing, lip-licking “screen gods” receive is not for faint-hearted spouses and that’s where the fear stemmed from.

“But over time, following multiple conversations and observations of their interactions, the fear has subsided and now I’m just happy at how happy and intentional they are and how beautiful the ceremonies looked in the pictures and videos!

“I love you guys so much @kunleremiofficial and I speak GOD’s covering over both of you.”

However, the congratulatory message didn’t suit some Nigerians as they dragged Toyosi online, with claims that she was projecting her own insecurity on another person’s relationship.

@TheOluwabukunmi wrote: “I don’t understand Toyosi lmaoo. If she knows she cannot handle a bad bitch, why did she marry one? And that one too will be wearing see-through singlet on red carpet, he won’t let her have peace of mind fgs”

@foreverdeb_ wrote: “Honestly I can’t fault Toyosi, do you know what her eyes must have seen, have you seen the type of DMs these celebrities get from women and let’s not talk of the DMs people send to their spouses, I mean look at all what you people said about Tiwi this weekend.”

@Tlaelquanii wrote: “Ebuka and RMD’s wife are not killing IG baddies with sermon o. They need to take Toyosi in and help her please.”

@oneshygirl_ wrote: “Toyosi is an expressive person, please leave her alone. You can’t be comparing her with CY and RMD’s wife, lol! you don’t know what those people say at home. Didn’t that pastors wife also write a thread about her husband and how woman flock around him?”

@Chiora__ wrote: “All Toyosi had to do was type ‘congratulations aburo mi’ with plenty confetti and love emoji, not that unnecessary epistle.”

@winniewheeny wrote: “I need Toyosi Etim- Effiong to stop this nonsense she’s been doing for years now. Kilode?! Third child in your matrimonial home and every other day, you’re wearing your insecurities about them “collecting” your husband from you. Hot babe like her”

@TjBrainard wrote: “Toyosi being married to a Nollywood prince is def a lot of work and she’s loud about it. Let her do her. Most of these women get prayer rooms that we’re not aware of and not all of them would be quiet or diplomatic about it. Allow her.”

@tolu_fakoya wrote: “What is that post Toyosi posted on her IG? Projecting your insecurities on someone else instead of just saying Congratulations?!”

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