Nigeria Ranks 10th In Africa’s Most Unsafe Countries For Women (Full List)

Nigeria Ranks 10th Position In Africa's Most Unsafe Countries For Women

The global Women’s Peace and Security Index 2023 has ranked Nigeria as the 10th most unsafe country for women in Africa.

The Central African Republic tops the list, with DR Congo and South Sudan following closely in second and third place, respectively.

In contrast, Africa’s smallest country, Seychelles, stands as the top-ranked safest nation for women, with Cape Verde and South Africa following in the rankings.

The 2023 WPS Index evaluates and ranks 177 countries based on women’s inclusion, justice, and security. It showcases significant variations in performance across nations, regions, and indicators, with none scoring perfectly.

The WPS Index, which is published by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security and the PRIO Centre on Gender, Peace and Security, receives support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Here is a list of Africa’s most unsafe countries for women:

1. Central African Republic
2. DR Congo
3. South Sudan
4. Burundi
5. Eswatini
6. Somalia
7. Niger
8. Sudan
9. Chad
10. Nigeria

Here is a list of Africa’s safest countries for women:

1. Seychelles
2. Cape Verde
3. South Africa
4. Mauritius
5. Tunisia
6. Rwanda
7. Botswana
8. Tanzania
9. Ghana
10. Sao Tome and Principe

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