Nigeria Has High Grade Lithium Deposits – Tinubu Woos European Leaders

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu has told European leaders that Nigeria offers immense opportunities across a pool of sectors.

He disclosed that the country has high-grade lithium deposits in its possession.

Tinubu stated this during his meeting with Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands at his official residence known as The Catshuis in The Hague.

According to Tinubu, Nigeria is well-positioned to power the clean energy future of Europe and the world with its high-grade lithium deposits.

The President said his administration is deepening reforms to enhance the investment climate.

He captivated the audience by saying Nigeria seeks robust, balanced, and mutually beneficial partnerships that will bring about value addition in areas like solid minerals.

According to him, “Taking a holistic view of the world order, there is a tremendous opportunity between us across trade spheres but especially in solid minerals, where we have high-grade lithium deposits that we know can power the clean energy future of the world. There is an excellent value-additive opportunity in Nigeria. The world knows us for oil. They will soon know us for our greater innovative exploits in other areas.

“We have an extremely dynamic youth population in Nigeria. It is a young country; 70 per cent of our people are under the age of 30, and when we are referring to 200 million plus citizens, it represents both a massive workforce and a massive market for Dutch and other international investors.

“If our young people know they can achieve a good future in Nigeria, they will stay home and build our nation to greatness. Lawful migration of trained Nigerian minds and hands will be a benefit to Europe, and irregular migration will no longer be a source of fear in Europe if we partner effectively.

“This is what we want and it is why we are adamant about providing student loans and new credit opportunities to not only enhance the skills of our people but also to ensure that they can access a higher quality of life within their legitimate incomes. We will transform our economy, and our young people will be the reason why.”

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