NCC, NIMC Partner To Improve NIN-SIM Linkage Processes

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has announced a joint effort to streamline National Identification Number (NIN)-SIM linkage processes.

The recent attention on the NIN-SIM linkage underscores the necessity of connecting SIM registrations with individuals’ national identification numbers, sparking national dialogue.

NIMC and NCC see the importance of this move to boost security and make services better, pledging to make processes smoother.

In a statement jointly signed by both commissions, the NIMC and NCC announced their intention to collaborate closely, pooling expertise and resources to maximize synergies in specified areas.

The statement co-signed by the Technical Adviser for Media and Communications to the DG/CEO of NIMC, Ayodele Babalola and Director of Public Affairs at NCC, Reuben Muoka, outlines key initiatives to streamline the NIN-SIM linkage process in Nigeria:

In streamlining the NIN-SIM Linkage Process: NIMC and NCC will collaborate to ensure a seamless experience for Nigerian telecommunication subscribers.

“This includes exploring innovative approaches to facilitate the swift verification and authentication of NINs during SIM registration and activation processes.

“Capacity Building and Public Awareness: Both agencies will collaborate on initiatives aimed at enhancing public awareness and understanding of the NIN-SIM linkage requirements.

“This includes educational campaigns, training sessions for stakeholders, and the dissemination of accurate information to the public to encourage compliance with the linkage directives.

“Data Verification and Validation: NIMC will continue to extend its support to NCC by providing assistance in verifying National Identification Numbers (NINs) associated with SIM registrations. Leveraging NIMC’s robust database and authentication infrastructure, telecommunication operators will validate submitted NINs while ensuring the accuracy and integrity of subscriber data.

“Policy Harmonisation and Regulatory Framework: NIMC and NCC will collaborate on aligning policies and regulatory frameworks to facilitate the seamless integration of NIN-SIM linkage processes within the telecommunications ecosystem. This includes harmonising data protection and privacy regulations to safeguard the confidentiality and security of subscriber information.

“Both NIMC and NCC are committed to fostering a collaborative and transparent partnership that prioritises the interests of Nigerian citizens and promotes national development.

“By pooling our resources and expertise, we aim to overcome the challenges associated with the NIN-SIM linkage exercise and ensure its continued successful implementation.

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