Lawmakers Advocate For ‘Security Education’ To Be Added To Primary, Secondary School Curriculum

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives have called on the Federal Ministry of Education to integrate security education into the core curriculum of Primary and Secondary Schools.

The House directed the Committee on Basic Education and Services to guarantee implementation.

The adoption of these resolutions was a direct consequence of Hon. Omirin Emmanuel Olusanyo moving a motion titled “Need to Incorporate Security Education as Core Subject in Nigeria’s Primary and Secondary School Curriculum.

The House emphasized the significance of Security Education for developing understanding and preparedness among individuals, which helps them recognize threats and adopt suitable actions to defend themselves and their properties.

The House declared that Security Education serves a dual purpose: preparing students for contemporary security challenges across economic, political, social, and environmental domains and equipping them with the necessary skills to tackle these issues effectively.

The House acknowledged the critical need for security education in an increasingly insecure society, emphasizing that learning defence mechanisms, mastering first aid, and developing emergency handling skills are essential to empower students to take preventive action.

The House expressed concern over the negative impact of ongoing attacks on Nigerian educational institutions on the quality of education, increased teacher turnover, and a growing culture of impunity.

A report from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) indicates that, starting in 2018, attacks on over 30 schools have resulted in at least 2,295 teachers killed and more than 1,000 children kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Naija News reports that bandits struck at LEA Primary School, Kuriga (1), in Kuriga town, Chikun Local Government Area, Kaduna State, triggering chaos and the abduction of numerous pupils.

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