Labour’s Minimum Wage Demand Not Affordable – C&S Leader

'We Are Okay With ₦60,000' - Organized Private Sector Gives Condition To Pay ₦100,000 New Minimum Wage

The Supreme Head of Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria, Prophet (Dr.) Solomon Adegboyega Alao has urged the Federal Government to resist organized labour’s demand for a ₦494,000 minimum wage, describing it as unsustainable.

This comes amid ongoing negotiations and the recent strike actions undertaken by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to secure what they term a ‘living wage’.

Speaking to journalists in Lagos, Prophet Alao expressed concerns that acceding to such a high demand could lead to economic disaster.

He highlighted the strain that such a wage increase could place on the nation’s budget and its overall economic health.

“The government must consider the broader implications of such a drastic increase in the minimum wage,” said Dr. Alao.

“While the intentions behind the demand are understandable, the reality of implementing such a wage without causing significant economic upheaval is questionable.”

“I think it is most inhuman by the labour leaders to shut down health institution at all levels and the energy sector. I could imagine how many lives would have been needlessly lost in those two days when health institutions were shut down. I hope our lawmakers will immediately consider the desirability of legislating against shutting down essential services because of industrial disputes.

“The nation cannot afford or sustain the labour unions’ demand for a new Minimum Wage,” he said.

Rather than demanding unrealistic salary increases, he said, the labour unions should have negotiated for free education up to at least OND level, free medical facilities for the workers, and improved infrastructural development across the country.

“A skyrocketed salary increase would worsen the living standard of workers because all service providers would add a corresponding increase to the cost of service provided plus an element of profit to remain in business. It makes sense to expect that the government at all levels would raise up the current taxation.

“I, therefore, appeal to both the government and labour leaders to carefully consider the consequences of a massive salary increase in the light of our prevailing situation,” he added.

While stating that the country cannot sustain a 100 percent salary increase for workers, Prophet Alao declared that Nigerian workers would be worse off by such an increase in wages in the final analysis, as it would lead to massive unemployment and criminality among the youths.

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