Kogi State Is A Potent Cure Of COVID-19 – Gov Bello

APC Will Teach US, UK, Russia Others How To Play Politics - Yahaya Bello

The Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, on Tuesday claimed that every inch of soil in state as a potent cure for COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Bello had earlier stated that there is no COVID-19 case in the state, he also warned individuals making money from the virus to desist from it or face the wrath of God

The Kogi State Governor stated this during the flag off of the Federal Government 774,000 special public works to cushion the effect of the pandemic.

Bello who decried the activities of some “corporate and individuals who created and sold the virus as a means to rip off the unsuspecting countries” stressed that he has never believed in the existence of the pandemic.

He stated that some highly placed persons in government have made the nation a drain pipe, “siphoning resources meant for the development of critical infrastructures,” saying , he has refused to join the bandwagon to marketing the COVID-19.”

According to him ”Since the HIV/AIDS broke out in 1985 with its devastating blow on humanity, the drug manufacturers of the west could not till today come up with a vaccine. The highest they could achieve was supplements.”

“Why, with less than a year of the outbreak of covid 19, the west and China have started jumping on themselves with their vaccines. One does not need a soothsayer to know that there is high level politics and marketing going across the globe” Bello said.

”I will not stop any one who want to take their vaccines, but my advice is for them to shine their eyes well and I wish them good luck” he added.

Last year , most states were under lockdown for months. Many died to hunger and starvation for a virus that ordinarily has 95% chances of recovery without using drugs depending on the health status of the patient. This is why I have maintained my stand not to lock down my state.”

”I however, warned those who are hiding under the covid 19 to milk the country to stop or God Almighty will visit them with anger.”

” I, hereby appeal to states corporate organisations and individuals suffering from the covid-19 to transport their patients in their ambulances or any other means and I can assure you as their vehicles touched the kogi soil, they will be instantly healed after they must have paid our fees . With the fees we can improve on our healthcare infrastructures and other development needs of the state” He assured.

Meanwhile, Bello has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for the introduction of the Special Public Works Project for 774000 Nigerians across the federation.

The Kogi State Governor called beneficiaries in the state to take advantage of the programme by improving themselves through skills acquisition to be self sufficient and self reliant.

He further stated that his government is passionate about the same thing, restating his commitment to support the President in any way that would make life meaningful for the people of the country.

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