Keyamo Does Not Need To Apologise For Curbing Corruption In The Aviation Sector – PDP’s Onuesoke

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Sunny Onuesoke has praised the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo over his move to sanitise the aviation industry in the country.

Naija News reports that the minister in a television interview, had alleged that there was a corrupt cartel in the sector, who had consistently connived with some of the agencies’ officials to avoid some safety regulations, forge training reports and avoid routine maintenance of their aircraft, thereby putting the lives of the flying public in danger.

Keyamo, however, vowed to fight the “cartel” to a standstill.

Reacting to Keyamo’s interview, some individuals stated that he was demarketing Nigeria’s Aviation sector.

However, Onuesoke insisted that Keyamo does not need to apologise for his statement as demanded by some aviation stakeholders.

The former Delta State gubernatorial candidate stressed that calls for the minister’s apology was unnecessary, saying Keyamo will not apologise because his actions are to save the lives of Nigerians.

Speaking to newsmen, he said, “I support Festus Keyamo’s action. You do not play with people’s lives. They play too much politics in the Aviation Ministry. He is not going to apologise because his utterances and actions are to save the lives of Nigerians.

“An aeroplane is not something that holds brakes while airborne. Any plane that is not capable should be grounded like what he did to Dana Air. You do not have to play politics with the lives of Nigerians. I am supporting Keyamo for his actions.”

While describing Keyamo’s action as good, Onuesoke urged the minister to continue with the good work, advising that all aviation activities need to be in check to improve passengers’ safety.

Continue the good work. Nigerians are with you. Nigerians should allow him to sanitise the sector because he knows where to begin. How Dana Airlines still operates in Nigeria baffles me after its abysmal safety records.

“What does the Aviation stakeholders want him to do? Is it to cover up the mess in the industry? Before he spoke out, he had seen many things. That interview was born out of a series of corruption he had seen in the industry. When the man turns right it is corruption, left it is corruption all around the aviation industry. His outburst is to save the life of Nigerian air travellers, “ the PDP Chieftain added.

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