The International Police Chaplain Sustainable Development and Law Enforcement INC. (IPCSL) -an American non-profit organization, in their first meeting of the year held on Friday 2nd February , 2024 in Abuja, officially welcomed its Officers to the new year, while tasking them to be more security conscious and proactive in the affairs of the Organisation across the country.

IPCSL is a global platform committed to helping the United Nation towards promoting the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] and advocacies for Harmonious Coexistence, Rule of Law, Peaces Building and Community Security, especially in supporting Law enforcement efforts around the World.

The National Commandant of IPCSL Amb. Dr Raymond Edoh while addressing officers present at the meeting, reiterated his commitment to preserving the values and principles that defines the Organization while striving for progress and growth as well as the mission and vision, with special emphasis on the Organization focus this year 2024;

  • Information Gathering
  • Actions (proactiveness
  • Uniform ( as means of identity for all Officers.

Dr Edoh said IPCSL through the help of security experts in their midst, will be able to access experiences, informations, and knowledge that will serve as a guide to the Organization.
‘we are rolling out strategies to collaborate with Government and nongovernment security agencies, to make sure that insecurity in the Nation is curbed’ he said.

He also tasked Officers to be more proactive in securing relevant information that are security related, embrace team work and don’t hesitate to share vital strategies and suggestions that will help the Organization in carrying out its duties

Other executives present at the meeting made commitment to assist the National Commandant to the best of their ability, by sharing vital security knowledge and experience with him that will help stabilize peace in FCT and across the Country, as well as to move the organization forward. The organization is not overlooking nor relegating women to the background in the discharge of its core mandate and activities this year.
“Women tend to do better in gathering and disseminating information, and the organization will be looking at aspects in which women will be active” they said

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