‘Invest In Lagos At Your Own Peril’ – Moghalu’s Wife ‘Fights’ Netizens After Asking Investors To Stay Away From Lagos

Moghalu's wife

Maryanne, the wife of the Young Progressive Party (YPP) presidential candidate in the 2019 general elections, Kingsley Moghalu, exchanged words with some netizens after being heavily criticised for warning investors to stop investing in Lagos State.

Naija News reports that this follows the recent demolition of a section of Landmark Beach, the Mami Chula Beach Lifestyle in the state, to pave the way for the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway.

According to the Minister of Works, Senator Dave Umahi, the demolition began after the inspection of kilometres 13, 16 and 20 to ensure the most economical and viable way to access the coastal roads without much damage.

He stressed that the demolition would affect several structures and added that compensation would be provided.

Reacting to the demolition, Moghalu’s wife, in a post via X on Wednesday, said anyone investing in Lagos does so at their peril.

She wrote, “Invest in Lagos at your own peril. Best practices requires adequate and sufficient compensation for affected properties. This should be vigorously pursued.”

The post generated mixed reactions as some Nigerians knocked Maryanne over the comment, further leading to an exchange of words and insults.

@adex_smithjr wrote: “This is what we want in Lagos. A lagos that will be unattractive for igbos to come live in.”

@pontrol_777 wrote: “Take your investment to your land. Enough of emotionally blackmailing us. We don’t need illegal investors like you.”

@ChukwudiOkpa wrote: “Thank God, invest in Anambra, Igbos are relocating our spare parts business and baby factories to the east.”

@aimthamachine wrote: “At some point, your husband, Kingsley Moghalu wanted to become the President of Nigeria. This is not how you speak on matters currently heating the nation. This is completely sad. You’re not just another random Twitter user, you are Mr. Moghalu’s wife fgs”

@kenonugbor, wrote, “This is why my uncle who’s in Europe has refused to buy any property in Lagos despite the persuasion. He’s buying all his properties in Delta.”

@Laykay0808 wrote: “Your type is the reason why some can’t trust Igbos with power. Your comment shows you have very deep resentment for the Yorubas, and so strong , you couldn’t hide it. Please, continue to advise your kinsmen to move their investments to other climes. We need sanity restored in Lagos. You will be reminded of this tweet years to come.”

@OgaBossTweets wrote: “Just remember her husband once aspired to be the president of this country. And, yes, there is every possibility that he still have that aspiration. When this tweet comes out later; you people shouldn’t say “they hate us”. Y’all did this to yourselves.”

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