‘I Wish I Was Born Far From Nigeria’ – BBNaija’s Phyna

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Controversial reality TV star, Josephina Otabor, widely recognized as Phyna, has recently voiced her dissatisfaction with the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, describing it as “insane” due to the high rate of sabotage she perceives within the sector.

Naija News reports that Phyna, who made her acting debut in the 2023 movie Osato, took to her X (formerly known as Twitter) account to express her disillusionment with the industry’s workings.

In a post, Phyna shared her struggles and the difficulties she has faced since entering Nollywood.

“Omo seems the Nollywood industry is also insane. Gosh, I’m tired, people just make things difficult for people. I wish I was born somewhere far from here,” she lamented on her social media handle.

This outburst from the reality star sheds light on the challenges newcomers face in the Nigerian entertainment scene, often characterized by gatekeeping and intense competition.

Abandon Any Relationship That Does Not Lead To Marriage After Three Years – Phyna

Meanwhile, Phyna has advised ladies against being in courtship for too long.

She urged single ladies who intend to get married to leave any relationship that does not lead to marriage after three years.

She stated this in the latest episode of her podcast, Spill With Phyna.

The reality TV star disclosed how her ex-boyfriend deceived her for 12 years with fake promises of marrying her.

She claimed that most men who don’t intend to marry their partners pin them down by feigning romantic gestures and making unrealistic promises.

Speaking further, Phyna argued that the issue of men tying women down with fake promises of marriage is very common in Edo State.

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