How Can You Marry A Woman And She Passwords Her Phone? – Nollywood Actor Blows Hot


Nollywood actor, Don Richard, has tackled married women who password their phones to make them inaccessible to people, including their husbands.

Naija News reports that the movie star, in a video making rounds online, said he finds it funny that a man would pay his wife’s bride price and spend so much on their wedding, and thereafter, she passwords her phone and restricts him from knowing the people she is communicating with.

Don Richard insists he must know everything about his wife’s phone and online conversation, stating that such an act of privacy should have ended when the woman was a single lady, or she should not have gotten married.

The thespian added that men who think it’s okay for their wives to password phones said they might end up training children for 25 years before discovering they are not the biological father.

He said, “It’s just really funny. How will I pay your bride price, pay for the wedding, not small money o, I then finish marrying you and you start putting password on your phone, saying I can’t check your phone, I can’t check who you’re chatting with on WhatsApp, I must not check who sent you a friend requests or voice notes and you call me your husband that married you the right way.

“You men, so your woman will tell you not to touch her phone because there’s a password, and you married her? Don’t you know how much you spent on the wedding? I pity you. You would have taken care of your children for 25 years before discovering you are not the father, better go and do a DNA test. How will you marry a woman and she says her phone is passworded? Is something wrong with her?”

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