Fuel Scarcity: Don’t Cause Gridlocks, Traffic On Our Roads- Lagos Government Tells Fuel Station Operators

The Lagos State Ministry of Transportation on Monday issued a stern warning to petrol stations across the metropolis, cautioning them against contributing to traffic congestion while dispensing fuel, especially amidst the ongoing fuel scarcity.

Naija News reports that the Deputy Director of Public Affairs at the Ministry, Mrs. Bolanle Ogunlola, articulated the government’s concerns in a press statement, highlighting the adverse impacts of traffic disruptions caused by long queues at fuel stations.

These disruptions, she noted, significantly hamper the smooth flow of traffic and, by extension, the economic activities of both individuals and businesses in the state.

The Ministry urged fuel station operators to manage their premises responsibly by ensuring that vehicles queuing for fuel do not extend into and obstruct public roads. Failure to maintain order could lead to sanctions, as state law enforcement agencies have been tasked with monitoring and enforcing compliance.

Ogunlola said, “We understand the challenges posed by the current fuel scarcity, but we must balance these with the need to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

“Petrol stations must take active steps to prevent their operations from exacerbating the already strained traffic conditions.”

Ogunlola also revealed that the Ministry would intensify its surveillance efforts to ensure that petrol stations adhere to the laid down regulations.

She added that the Ministry is committed to continually monitoring the traffic situation and adjusting strategies as necessary to mitigate congestion.

The Ministry urged the public to assist in these efforts by reporting any fuel station whose operations disrupt traffic. Residents can use designated hotlines to provide timely reports, which will prompt immediate action from the authorities.

As Lagos continues to grapple with fuel scarcity, the proactive measures by the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation aim to minimize its impact on traffic flow and ensure that economic activities are not further disrupted.

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