Forum of South East Academic Doctors Condemns Incompetence and Ineptitude in Certificate Clearance and Issuance at Universities

The Forum of South East Academic Doctors (FOSAD) expresses deep concern and disappointment regarding the glaring incompetence and ineptitude witnessed in the clearance and issuance of certificates to graduating students at Universities in the South East geopolitical zone. This lapse in the administrative process not only reflects poorly on the institutions but also raises serious questions about the quality of services being provided to students.
Over the past several months, there have been numerous reports and complaints from graduating students highlighting the challenges they have faced in obtaining their clearance and certificates. Students have reported unnecessary delays, lack of transparency, and an overall lack of efficiency in the administrative procedures related to the clearance process.
The Forum of South East Academic Doctors condemns, in the strongest terms, the apparent incompetence and ineptitude demonstrated by the staff responsible for clearance and certificate issuance at Universities in the South East. It is unacceptable that students who have diligently completed their academic requirements are being subjected to avoidable delays and bureaucratic hurdles.

The consequences of this administrative failure extend beyond mere inconvenience. Graduating students face uncertainties in career pursuits, job applications, and further academic endeavors due to the unavailability of their certificates. This not only tarnishes the reputation of the universities but also places an undue burden on the shoulders of students who should be celebrating their academic achievements.

The Forum of South East Academic Doctors calls on the management of these Universities to take immediate and decisive action to rectify this situation. It is imperative that the universities address the root causes of these administrative shortcomings and implement effective measures to streamline the clearance and certificate issuance process.

Furthermore, the Forum urges them to provide clear and transparent communication to affected students, keeping them informed about the steps being taken to resolve the issues and the expected timelines for resolution. Timely and transparent communication is crucial in rebuilding the trust that has been eroded by these administrative lapses.

As a collective of academic professionals committed to the advancement of education in the South East region, the Forum of South East Academic Doctors emphasizes the importance of upholding high standards of administrative efficiency and professionalism. It is our firm belief that the academic journey of students should not be marred by administrative deficiencies that are within the institution’s control.
In conclusion, the Forum of South East Academic Doctors calls for swift and comprehensive action to address the issues surrounding certificate clearance and issuance. The well-being and future prospects of the students must be prioritized, and steps should be taken to restore confidence in the administrative processes.

The Forum stands ready to collaborate with Universities in implementing best practices and ensuring that the institution upholds the highest standards of academic and administrative excellence. FOSAD is a collective of academic professionals dedicated to promoting educational excellence, research, and development in the South East region of Nigeria.

Dr Uzor Ngoladi
Secretary General, Forum of South East Academic Doctors

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