Finance Minister, Wale Edun Lauds JET Motors’ Role In Advancing CNG Initiative

The minister of Finance, Wale Edun with the founder and chairman, Chidi Ajaere during the visit to JET Motor Company Assembly Plant on Friday.

Finance Minister Wale Edun, during a visit to JET Motor Company Assembly Plant on Friday, expressed his admiration for the company’s pivotal role in the government’s Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) initiative.

Accompanied by key figures such as Joseph Osanipin, the Director-General of the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), and Tosin Coker, Commercial Director of PCNGi, Minister Edun toured the facility to gain firsthand insight into the progress of the CNG project.

Upon arrival, the delegation was warmly welcomed by JET Motor Company’s leadership team, including the visionary founder and chairman of Jet Motor Company, Chidi Ajaere; CEO Engr Derek Ewelukwa; Sales Director Sanjay Rupani; and Plant Manager Ebimo Ofongo.

Ajaere proudly showcased the plant’s capability, affirming, “Jet Motor Company now has the ability to assemble full CNG and petrol buses and also convert petrol vehicles to CNG. We have the capacity to do that today.”

On his part, Minister Edun was impressed with JET Motors’ dedication to employing local talent, which he noted as a critical factor in empowering communities and fostering economic prosperity in Nigeria. I have come to see what is happening with the CNG Initiative. Where are the buses Nigerians have been asking for? I have seen for myself, I have driven them; tested them and have seen them being assembled,” said Edun. He added that the buses would soon roll out, bringing substantial benefits to all Nigerians.

Highlighting the initiative’s economic and environmental benefits, Edun stated, The initiative is reducing transport costs and helping to grow the economy. Thus, two critical aims are being achieved.”

For his part, NADDC boss Osanipin expressed his pride that a truly indigenous company was accomplishing the agency’s vision through local automobile manufacturing.

“We have seen your efforts and are truly proud of all you are accomplishing in the market. This is what we have always worked towards, and even much more right now with our renewed efforts under this administration. Sustainable mobility is the future, and we will work closely with you and other indigenous automotive manufacturers to achieve this for Nigeria”.

Engineer Derek Ewelukwa, the acting CEO of JET Motors, expressed gratitude towards the minister and the PCNGi team for their unwavering support in making the CNG project a success. He also praised the President’s initiative for promoting local production and creating employment opportunities for Nigerians.

JET Motor Company, a leader in indigenous auto manufacturing, continues to innovate with its range of Electric Vehicles (EV) vans, pickups, and CNG/Petrol buses, designed to meet Africa’s unique transportation needs and contribute to sustainable development.

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