Ex-Napoli Forward Declares Victor Osimhen As Unskilled Penalty Taker

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Former Napoli forward, Stefan Schwoch has described Nigerian striker, Victor Osimhen, as a player who is not skilled at taking penalties.

In the last two seasons, Victor Osimhen has proven to be the worst penalty taker in the Serie A currently.

In his last seven attempts, he has managed to score four which is the worst run for any playing in Italy in the last two years.

So far in his club football career, the 25-year-old Nigeria international has missed six penalties.

On Sunday, March 4, Victor Osimhen ignited the debate over his inability to convert penalties after missing a penalty that would have won the game for Napoli.

Fortunately for him, Giacomo Raspadori scored the rebound from Wojciech Szczęsny’s saved to secure a 2-1 win for Napoli.

Following the game, there have been a series of talks over Osimhen’s proficiency as many think that the Nigeria international has missed too many penalties.

Schwoch amplified that argument in an interview on the Italian TV program, Il bello del Calcio, but he acknowledged Victor Osimhen as a phenomenal player.

He said, “It’s impossible not to save it (Osimhen’s penalty), given his body posture. Three errors out of seven attempts from the spot are too many.

“There are phenomenal players who, however, aren’t skilled from eleven meters. Osimhen appears to be one of them.”

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