Edo: Obaseki Begins Handing Over Process, Sets Up Transition Committee

The Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, officially launched a 20-person transition committee on Thursday to oversee the seamless transfer of power and information to the incoming administration, a significant four months prior to the conclusion of his term.

Heading the Committee is Joseph Eboigbe, a former Commissioner for Finance in the State.

The committee members were sworn in by Obaseki at the EXCO Chambers in the Government House, Benin City, with some members participating remotely.

Speaking at the event, Obaseki, whose second term in office is about to elapse, said, “Today is the 11th of July, 2024, and it will mark exactly four months to the day I will hand over the government to the next elected governor of Edo State. As it’s global best practice, I am putting together a transition team that would have the responsibility to document the achievement of this administration in the last eight years.

“The team will look and retrieve all documents and all other materials relating to policy decisions that have been taken by this administration in every area of government and governance over the last seven years and put the same in a structured order in a data room. I believe that most of these materials have almost been digitized.”

Obaseki stated that an appropriate digital and standard data room should be established to store all records pertaining to each operation, agreement, EXCO resolution, presentation, and policy document across all sectors.

This repository, according to him, will ensure that institutional knowledge is preserved for future administrations.

He added: “You will all put together reports on each area and aspect of government we have intervened in and recommendations for the next administration.

“This document and resources should serve to smoothly transfer power and knowledge from this administration to the next. We would have both the physical and digital repository of all the information and decisions taken during the life of this administration as these documents will be relevant both for internal and external consumption and research and possibly policy development.”

Obaseki emphasized that the report will provide a comprehensive overview of the strategic vision and perspective of the administrative framework, policy influence, and both finished and unfinished programs and initiatives, in order to guide the incoming administration on their starting point.

He stressed that the report must be finalized by October 30, 2024, as it will be included in the materials handed over during the transition period on November 11, 2024.

The Committee’s Chairman, Joseph Eboigbe, assured that the committee would conscientiously fulfil their responsibilities and commit to submitting the report within the governor’s specified timeframe.

Recall that the governorship election in Edo State is scheduled to be held on September 21, 2024.

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