‘Disabled Hawker Blackmailing Nigerians Emotionally’- Brain Jotter Speaks After N400k Donation (VIDEO)

Renowned Nigerian skit maker, Chukwebuka Emmanuel, popularly known as Brain Jotter, says the viral physically challenged hawker, Eniola, is not actually on the street to sell bottled water but instead was taking advantage of his disability to blackmail Nigerians.

Naija News had earlier reported that Eniola, an Osun State native, went viral online after Brain Jotter saw “her” peddling bottled water in traffic in Lagos while he was travelling for a film shoot.

He mentioned being a cosmetics artist and provided his business’s Instagram profile for validation during an interview with Brain Jotter.

Following the conversation, the skit maker gave Eniola N400,000 so he could launch a makeup line and give up street hawking.

He also uploaded their conversation on social media alongside Eniola’s bank account details for anyone willing to assist him, and it got the attention of many Nigerians, including Davido, as he called his uncle’s attention to the trending video.

However, in a turn of events, the disabled hawker received backlash from social media users after his true gender identity surfaced on social media, and allegations arose that he had just a month ago received support to the tune of N600,000.

Responding to the revelations, Brain Jotter, who seemed disappointed, said the physically challenged hawker engaged in the act to blackmail Nigerians emotionally.

“Just a month ago, they gave him over N400,000 and rented an apartment for him, just a month ago, what i now understand is that he didn’t come outside to hawk he come outside; it is emotional blackmail, he came outside to blackmail everybody based on his predicament, so thing is that he knows we are gullible, he knows people have good heart, once they see my hand like this they will help me, so it is a strategy,” Brain Jotter said.

He clarified that his anger with the hawker was not because of his gender, suggesting that the disabled hawker was a thief.

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