Army Estate Kidnappers Demand Over N30 Million Ransom

Army Estate Kidnappers Demand Over N30 Million Ransom

The abductors of Barrister Cyril Adikwu’s wife and two in-laws, who were taken from the Nigeria Army post Housing Estate Kurudu in Abuja, have reportedly demanded a ransom exceeding 30 million naira.

Recall that Naija News reported that the kidnapping incident occurred on Thursday night around 10:00 pm when assailants invaded the estate and abducted Adikwu’s wife and two in-laws.

Barrister Cyril Adikwu, who managed to escape when the kidnappers arrived at his residence in the estate, disclosed that he had been in contact with the abductors.

The perpetrators have set a ransom amount of over 30 million naira and specified a timeframe for its payment, as reported by Vanguard.

He said, “It all happened on Thursday night at about 10:00 pm when a vehicle containing those who were kidnapped drove into my compound. Then, all of a sudden, the kidnappers followed the vehicle into my compound.

“I was upstairs and heard strange sounds, so I peeped through the burglary door upstairs and saw one of them who was kidnapped on the floor, and I asked what is going on there, and she said, ‘I don’t know; these men are asking me to go down then it occurred to me they were kidnappers then I started screaming ‘Kidnappers help” at the top of my voice, at this point, they started shooting at me upstairs then I was able to escape, and then they started shooting guns in the air while they took the three of them away.

“They were about 8 of them, and they walked through the bush part over the hill to the other side, not up to 40 minutes after they left, I was called to provide a ransom.

“I don’t want to mention the amount because already false information is everywhere in the media about the whole incident, but I can assure you it’s more than 30million.

“I am traumatized right now after the whole incident, and the kidnappers have been calling me and have given a time frame.

An official from the estate management, who preferred not to be identified, stated that the estate management is actively collaborating with security agencies to facilitate the rescue of the kidnapped victims.

“The incident that happened on Thursday night in the estate was really unfortunate; immediately, we were alerted, but before security personnel got there, the kidnappers had left with the victims.

“We assure you that we are working with security agencies to see that they are rescued unhurt,” the estate management official stated.

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