Andy Cole Laments Over Rise Of Arsenal, Fall Of Manchester United

Former Manchester United striker, Andy Cole, has reflected on how he and his teammates used to see Arsenal during United’s dominant era.

Andy Cole said he and his Manchester United teammates used to laugh at Arsenal because of how the Gunners used to celebrate when they finished in the top four.

According to Cole, the reverse is now the case as Arsenal have turned into Premier League title contenders while Manchester United are struggling to finish in the top five.

Currently, Manchester United are sitting in the 8th spot on the league table with 54 points in 35 games, 13 points away from 4th-placed Aston Villa.

As for Arsenal, they are battling with Manchester City for the league title. They are currently second on the league table with 83 points in 36 games, two points below first-placed Manchester City.

Ahead of Manchester United vs Arsenal clash at Old Trafford, Andy Cole who seemed dispirited said the Red Devils are now so far away from competing for major honours.

“Arsenal used to finish fourth and celebrate like they’d won the league. We used to laugh at them, but that’s where we are. Of course, it is hard”, Andy Cole said according to the Mirror.

“It’s hard because I never saw United in this position, I have got to be brutally honest.

“Ultimately, the team that I was involved in, left a legacy for players who want to come to the club, try to emulate us and do the same thing. Sometimes I look at the team now – and the teams previously – and you scratch your head, because you’ve got to understand what United is all about.

“It’s about winning, it’s about competing, it’s about being involved in, and pushing for, major honours, especially in the domestic game. But we are so far away.”

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