Anambra Pupil Beaten To Coma By Teacher Dies

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A young pupil at Landmark International School, Mgbakwu, Anambra State, Henry Okonkwo, has tragically passed away after being reportedly beaten into a coma by his teacher.

The eight-year-old succumbed to his injuries early Wednesday morning, sparking widespread outrage and sorrow in the community.

The incident, which initially occurred on Monday, involved 30-year-old teacher, Faith Nwonye, who has since been arrested.

Nwonye was summoned by Anambra’s Commissioner for Education, Prof. Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, to account for the actions leading to Henry’s severe condition.

During the meeting, Prof. Chuma-Udeh highlighted the grim prognosis provided by medical professionals, noting that Henry had only a 20% chance of survival while he was in intensive care.

Further investigations revealed that Landmark International School had been operating without proper authorization, compounding the gravity of the situation.

Prof. Chuma-Udeh, expressing deep sorrow over Henry’s death, criticized the school’s illegal operation and described the act of beating a child as a serious crime.

In her statement on Facebook, she mourned the loss of the young boy with “hopes and aspirations,” emphasizing the tragedy of the situation.

In response to the incident, the school has been temporarily closed, and both the teacher and the school’s proprietor, Mrs. Promise Ilo, have been implicated in the ongoing investigation.

Despite the teacher’s claims that the punishment was not as severe as reported, the tragic outcome has led to her case being turned over to the police for further investigation.

She wrote, “He was a boy like any other, with hopes and aspirations. He went to school for a better future but met a gruesome death at the hands of the people who were supposed to help him achieve his life ambition.

“A quack teacher in an illegal school bludgeoned him to death. We mourn a life nipped in the bud! We mourn Henry Chukwuemeka Okonkwo! We mourn and we seek justice.”

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