10th AMVCA: ‘Actor Par Excellence’ – Nigerians React As Wale Ojo Win Best Lead Actor Award

10th AMVCA: 'Actor Par Excellence' – Nigerians React As Wale Ojo Win Best Lead Actor Award

Nollywood actor, Wale Ojo, won the Best Lead Actor award at the 10th Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) held in Lagos on Saturday.

Naija News reports that the AMVCA, an annual award organised by MultiChoice, recognises outstanding achievements in the television and film industry.

Ojo who emerged as the winner of the Best Lead Actor award for his portrayal in the movie ‘Breath of Life,’ competed against prominent actors like Richard Mofe Damijo (The Black Book), Adedimeji Lateef (Jagun Jagun – The Warrior), Marc Zinga (Omen), Gideon Okeke (Egun), David Ezekiel (Blood Vessel), and Stan Nze (Afamefuna).

Some Nigerians have taken to the microblogging platform X to react to the latest development.

Omokri wrote: “Congratulations to my doppelganger, Wale Ojo, for his Best Lead Actor win at the tenth Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

“Nobody could deserve this more. An actor par excellence, and a pride to Nigeria. More wins!

@BenHundeyin wrote: “Congratulations, Wale Ojo, for emerging Best Lead Actor for your outstanding performance in Breath of Life. 🤗🤗

@Lafsmoses wrote: “Well deserved. It’s one Nigeria movie you will watch, and you will be glad you did.”

@hayzed_dotcom wrote: “Thoroughly deserved, best of the best from Nollywood 💯

@fefeiconix9 wrote: “Everything about Breath of Life deserves an award.”

@Omotolani36 wrote: “Breath of life actors too win plenty award today enough is enough 😭😹

@davin4life wrote: “Congratulations. I always felt wale ojo is underrated but very good. When it’s your time it’s your time nothing or nobody can stop it.”

@Slim_n_beauttt wrote: “Breath of life over “A Tribe called Judah” … This movie is not hyped enough.

@Timmysofine wrote: “Happy for Wale Ojo, he was unbelievable in his role. Breath of Life was amazing!

@Mildr_ed wrote: “Breath of Life sweeping away these awards is the best part of this award ceremony for me🥹! That movie is top tier acting and storyline 🎉🥳❤❤
Wale Ojo 🎉🎉

@obaengworks wrote: “Congratulations to the #AMVCA10 Best Lead Actor, ‘ Wale Ojo: Breath of Life’!!👏🏾👏🏾

“We applaud you for your utmost dedication to your craft and impeccable ability to breathe life into stories.”

@RachaelOlawale1 wrote: “In my opinion, Lateef Adedimeji’s performance in “Jagunjagun” was indeed exceptional, as he portrayed the lead role from start to finish with remarkable skill and dedication.

“However, regarding “Breathe of Life,” while Wale Ojo’s portrayal of the older version of a genius character was noteworthy, it was the younger actor who carried the majority of the role.

“Therefore, if an award were to be given for that performance, it should rightly go to either Lateef Adedimeji for his full-bodied performance in “Jagunjagun,” or to the younger actor who portrayed the character throughout “Breathe of Life.” Wale Ojo’s contribution, though significant, was limited in comparison.”

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