100 Lovely New Month Messages And SMS To Send To Friends, Family In February

Good morning Nigeria and welcome to the month of February, the second month of the year 2021. A happy new month to you, your friends and your family from Naija News Team.

Today is not just the first day of the month of February but it also marks the first the day of the month of “love” as “Valentine‘s Day” which is celebrated February 14 annually is fast approaching.

Being a new day of a new month, many expect good wishes from their friends, family members and loved ones, hence, a need to compile one.

Below are some new month messages you can send to friends, family members and loved ones.

1. Many surprises shall spring forth for you. You shall see no cause for regret. Happy new month sweetheart.

2. As you have a taste of a new month, your kife shall continue to taste sweet, even sweeter than honey. Happy new Month.

3. May you be highly placed above in all that you do this month. You shall remain uniquely distinct forever dear.
Happy new month.

4. As you lay the bed for the new month. May everything begin to work in your favour. Happy new month.

5. You shall tread this month with courage and grace
Every sample of wretchedness shall be replaced with wealthiness. Happy new month dear.

6. May you achieve your goals and be satisfied this month. Keep on smiling love.
Happy new month.

7. As the month progresses, you shall progress along. Enjoy the fun and catch the best of the best sweetie. Happy new month.

8. Before I start praying for you. I want to simply say “I LOVE YOU”. May you soar graciously and experience original favour that will skyrocket you to realms of supernatural miracles.
Happy new month.

9. Others may talk of evil and analyze with fear but it shall not move closer to you. Stay blessed my darling. Happy new month.

10. May you be celebrated this month my love. Happy new month.

11. May God establish you strong and give you all you need to make this month successful. Happy new month love.

12. May you never experience disappoint in this new month. Happy new month love.

13. I pray your glory never drown in the sea and may you continue to experience sweetness. Happy new month.

14. The eye of the Lord shall be on you to and fro to preserve you in this month and always. Happy new month.

15. An influx of joy, peace, happiness, stability, riches and mercy shall evade your existence and grant you the best always. Happy new month sweetest.

16. May you have good, sweet and interesting stories to tell as the month moves on. Happy new month Baby.

17. My dearest! I say to you, this new month shall be a remarkable month in your life. Happy new month.

18. My sweetness! You shall not run dry. You shall be filled to spread out to others. Happy new month, my love.

19. Babe! In this month, may you overtake and conquer every battle. Happy new month.

20. I may not be able to send you gifts my love but this new month message I’m sending shall give you all the gifts you desire. May you have continuous peace. Happy new month.

21. My cutie! Let promotion, success, elevation and favour robe you so tightly forever. Happy new month.

22. All bad experiences you faced last month shall not be your portion this month.
You shall be honoured beyond your imagination.
Happy new month.

23. Your graces and miracles shall be unstoppable.
You shall swim in the ocean of goodness.
Happy new month love.

24. All the sides contained in this month, no matter how wide, shall send you into beautiful days filled with lots of good purposes.
Happy new month, dearie.

25. You shall rise,
You shall flourish,
You shall excel,
You shall increase and
In all, you shall level high than your equals.
Happy new month. my love.

26. ”Foward ever” shall be your slogan and ”walking in greatness” shall be your story this month and always. Love you.
Happy new month, my pride.

27. Before the middle of the month, may your helper locate you.
Happy new month.

28. Today, the first day of the month,
You shall always be the first in all you do and your prayers shall not be withheld.
Happy new month Honey.

29. Let me use this medium to say “Thank you for loving me, dear”.
May your pocket never run dry and may the Lord make you the head always.
Happy new month.

30. Every time you see it’s a new month. You shall see brightness,
Every hour you look up the sky, the heavenly bodies will smile upon you and
Throughout, your days shall be blessed.
Happy new month, my Love.

31. When you look for reasons to smile, you’ll find. When you look for reasons to love, you’ll find. All shall turn positively for you this month love. Happy new month Lovely.

32. As you desire in your heart to plan this month, may your inspirations never die, your fear never overcomes, your courage increase and your soul be satisfied with favour and goodness.
Happy new month, my Dearest.

33. As this month starts to swell, so many things occur. I pray you’ll never experience any cause to be shattered. Happy new month sweetie.

34. My Darling! Be filled with life and hope for this month holds good tidings in stock for you. Happy new month sweetest.

35. You’re grateful for today, you’ll be greatful forever. You have happiness, you’ll be happy forever. Let your Joy and blessings expand from today till forever.
Happy new month, my Joy.

36. I wish above all that this month enriches your life with solid substances of wealth and great news of Joy. Happy new month Darling.

37. May your fountain of riches increase this month and may the Lord dwell with you each day. I love you so much. Happy birthday my sweetness.

38. Darling, I welcome you to this brand new month. May your strength increase. Happy new month.

39. I wish you a month free from sickness, pain, sorrow and tears. I decree wellness to your soul Honey. Happy new month.

40. Wonderful things happen to people. I pray that as the month begins, it will guide your paths to wonderful and glorious things. Happy new month sugar.
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Happy New Month My Love Messages

41. I wish you a sound mind and a haven of peace for this month as beautiful as you. Happy new month, my love.

42. I see today and I’m with you again. May good moments always dwell with you, my love. Happy new month.

43. Shine forth, baby! In this month, you shall do excellently well. Happy new month.

44. Every day of this month, I pray it fills you with smiles and sweet memories. Happy new month, babe.

45. Before you step out, let me drop this; This month, your shall tread gracefully on the paths of blessedness. Happy new month, Dearest.

46. Older months have passed with stale testimonies. May your testimonies be refreshed and doubled in this month. Happy new month, my love.

47. As your trips and meetings increase, may you have divine protection in all ways and standby favour. All the best Love. Happy new month.

48. In the things, you’ll do and the places you’ll go, may you find divine help and direction and your ways be blessed forever.
Happy new month Lovely.

49. If you’d want to remember the month that has brought tremendous changes to your life, this month won’t be an exception. May you expand graciously in all dear. Happy new month love.

50. We do not know what lies ahead, We just know we have plans and dreams to achieve. I pray the Lord walk and work with you this month and always. Happy new month sweetie.
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Happy New Month Love SMS Messages

51. May you continually sing songs of joy throughout this month dear. Happy new month.

52. I pray that every dark task hidden to you, the Lord will send his light to enlighten you and lead you aright. Happy new month, my Crown.

53. The month just started and others may want to start with a rush but I pray that you won’t rush into success failure and wrong vision. Happy new month, my angel.

54. Every ground you step, your feet shall be blessed. People would locate you for your divine miracles my love. Happy new month.

55. My love, I pray that you shall not be absent the day of your breakthrough. Happy new month sweetie.

56. As you’ve stepped into this month, may you continually see beautiful and amazing things always. Happy new month sweet.

57. I pray that as the month counts, your knowledge and wisdom shall increase. You shall have divine solutions to every difficult task. Happy new month love.

58. Babe! You shall have unlimited happiness and get abundant yieldings this month. Happy new month, dearie.

59. Little efforts shall bring you good wealth effortlessly. It shall be a favourable month for you. Happy new month sweetie.

60. Every step you take this month shall lead you closer to achieving your dreams. Happy new month.
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Cute New Month Message to My Love

61. This month shall give you beyond your expectations and make your life beautiful. Happy new month.

62. No hindrance shall stand before you. You shall be above and not beneath. Keep on shinning. Happy new month.

63. My love! In this month, I pray that our love grows stronger and our days be filled with lots of testimonies.
Happy new month.

64. I’m wishing you a blissful month that will bring gladness to your soul and surround you with love. Happy new month.

65. What awaits you this month, you don’t know. As you open the package the month presents to you, you shall never cease from laughing. Happy new month.

66. Today and throughout, may the impossible be made possible in your life. Receive extensive glory. Happy new month.

67. May the Lord guard your every move and cause you to lack nothing. Happy new month.

68. Every task ahead, may God give you solutions and make you a point of solutions to others. Happy new month.

69. Take charge, honey! It’s your month of divine upliftment. Happy new month.

70. When you sit and think, you shall remember this month for goodness and favour. Your joy shall remain forever. Happy new month love.
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Sweet New Month Message to My Love

71. Sweetheart! Never lose focus, remain positive and speak power to your life. You shall overcome, dear. Happy new month.

72. All shall be made perfect in your life and God shall mend all the pieces of your life. Happy new month.

73. As the month cooks up, I pray that you’ll never be defeated by the enemy and your life shall be spiced up with unique wisdom and understanding. Happy new month.

74. May the days of this month be free from trouble for you and may your eyes see good days always. Happy new month.

75. As the month loads all good things, may it be all yours. Happy new month.

76. From today, till forever. Let all that you do yield you gain without loss. Happy new month.

77. May you triumph victoriously in this month and you shall not be replaced of your position. Happy new month, my Dearest.

78. As you always smile, you shall continue to smile. I love you, baby. Happy new month.

79. This new month. You shall receive extraordinary favour from man and from God. Happy new month sweetest.

80. May your trust in God increase and may He uphold you till the end sweetie. Happy new month to you, love.
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Happy New Month Messages to My Wife or Husband

81. Uncommon things beyond human imaginations shall take place in your life. Happy new month.

82. As you begin this month, may it launch you into the ocean of wealth, a beautiful beginning and a wonderful ending. Happy new month.

83. I’m glad it’s a new month Darling. New things shall unfold in your life. Happy new month.

84. If you’ve started on the wrong path, this month shall place you in the right lane and keep you graced to achieve your goals. Happy new month.

85. May this month speak GRACE,
May this month spread JOY and
May this month shower EVERLASTING LOVE on everything you do. Happy new month.

86. May you hear pleasant news of Joy that will keep your soul calm. Happy new month.

87. My love! May this month sing sweet melodies that will keep your soul joyous forever. Happy new month.

88. Sweetie! I toast to better days ahead, a month of fulfilments, fruitfulness and happiness. Happy new month.

89. This month, I pray that you shall be of value, be useful and remain blessed all the days of your life. Happy new month.

90. My princess! All that you desire shall be granted to you in this month. I love you. Happy new month.

91. Honey! I pray that this month soars you to height unimaginable and floods your life with evidential blessings. Happy new month dear.

92. The opportunity of seeing a new month is not experienced by all but it’s here and you’re opportuned. May your joy increase. Happy new Month My Love.

93. At the dawn of this month, your happy beginning shall not end with sadnesses. Happy new month, baby.

94. A new month is here again. New plans, structure and timetable are made but having all, I pray that all the days of this month gives you uncommon victory. Happy new month darling.

95. My Dear, I pray that all your experience this month will bring your dreams to fulfilment. Happy new month, love.

96. May your days be bright and may this month radiate beautifully in all you do. Happy new month my love.

97. My treasure! A beautiful month, beautiful days and constant greatness are what I pray for you this month. Happy new month, my Dearest.

98. Sweetheart! My greatest desire for you this month is that all your pending request be answered with extra blessings. Happy new month Darling.

99. Gradually, the weeks would roll away but I pray for you that you’ll roll in this month with great success in all ramifications. Happy new Month sweetie.

100. Let me begin by saying. Baby! Happiness, peace, love, goodness and mercy shall never take a break from your life. Love you, dear. Happy new month love.

Please note that the messages contained in this article were not originally compiled by this author but were edited where necessary.

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