Naira Depreciates To ₦1,340/$ In Parallel Market

Dollar to Naira

The Nigerian currency, the Naira, has experienced a significant decline in value, falling to ₦1,340 per dollar in the parallel market, a notable decrease from N1,300 per dollar just last Friday.

Naija News reports that the depreciation trend continued in the Nigerian Foreign Exchange Market (NAFEM), where the Naira weakened to ₦1,419.11 per dollar from ₦1,339.23.

According to data released by FMDQ, the indicative exchange rate for NAFEM showed a sharp depreciation of ₦79.88, exacerbating concerns among investors and the public about the underlying economic pressures facing the country.

The growing disparity between the official and parallel market rates, which now stands at ₦79.11 per dollar compared to ₦39.23 last week, underscores the volatility in the foreign exchange market.

Economic analysts suggest that the widening gap could be indicative of increased demand for dollars that is not being met by adequate supply in the official channels.

This imbalance often forces individuals and businesses to turn to the parallel market, where rates are typically higher but more readily available.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has yet to respond to the current market dynamics, but financial experts are calling for urgent interventions.

Measures such as enhancing foreign exchange liquidity and addressing structural economic challenges could help stabilize the Naira.

As the country grapples with these financial uncertainties, the impact on import costs, inflation, and general cost of living continues to be a major concern for both businesses and households across Nigeria.

The ongoing depreciation of the Naira highlights the need for robust economic policies and effective management of the foreign exchange market to safeguard the economic stability of the nation.

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