Mixed Reactions As Nigerian Couple Customises ₦200 Notes

A Nigerian couple has been captured in a video customising the N200 naira notes with their photo and names.

Naija News reports that the viral online video showed N200 notes featuring the couple’s personalized photos and names.

The notes, labelled as the ‘Wedding Republic of Nigeria’ rather than the official ‘Central Bank of Nigeria,’ are imprinted with the date 26-03-2023 and the names Emwinghare and Adazee.

The notes also carried other features of the real naira notes, contravening the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Act.

The apex bank has strict regulations against tampering with the country’s currency. Such alterations are deemed “mutilation” under the law and are punishable.

See the video below.

However, the emergence of these customised notes has triggered a flurry of reactions from netizens following the recent arrest and prosecution of celebrities by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

While some have criticised the act as a blatant disregard for the sanctity of the naira, others have rather sarcastically commended its creativity.

See some of the reactions below.

@payegecode wrote: “This was done when naira was scares and they’re bringing it back cus EFCC is watching. It’s looks so real and someone can use it to buy something at night.”

@adedejiiiiIbrahim wrote: “They should have used an entirely different design, with nothing like “Republic” or anything similar on it. This can be twisted in multiple ways.

@Nwabuefo wrote: “It’s too similar. They should have reduced the similarities, the cows in the back, the Arabic design, and the position of N200.”

@adesanya_oye wrote: “This is fake money. They will be charged with so many economic crimes, and eventually, the marriage will crash if they ever survive it. Jail here they come.”

@badjesusgirl posted: “Looks too much like the Naira, it will be an issue still. The Naira scarcity already created a solution for this problem, I was surprised people went back to spraying the Naira.”

@IamKonrade wrote: “This is a bigger offence. This is counterfeiting.”

@EdesonJethro said: ”Naija people with format sha. This one na real sense f.”

@TENIBEGILOJU202 wrote: “It is still an offence, as a matter of fact, this is far worse than the mutilation of the naira. They will be charged for printing fake naira, there should be naira written on it at all. Naira remains the main legal tender for Nigeria, counterfeiting it is an offence.

@ojgazal remarked: “Not a bad concept tho. Make sense.”

@ExquisiteDemola wrote: “This is more Illegal than what Bobrisky did. EFCC will fish them out soon.

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