The Men of Order and Discipline flags Nationawide are flown at half mask every 25th January to mark and celebrate the tragic death of our Great Father Founder, His Excellency Late Very Rev. Msgr. Okey Patrick Achebe. Who passed away precisely on 25th January 1997 in a ghastly motor accident on his way to deliver a talk on formation at the Symposium organised at St Paul’s Junior Seminary Ukpor, Anambra State.

Twenty six years ago, the Church and Men of Order and Discipline Nigeria lost one of her great teachers and Christian Literary juggernaut; Very. Rev Msgr. O.P. Achebe. His sudden death was a hit below the belt for Men of Order Discipline Nigeira, the pains and sorrow are yet to heal as we are yet to get a replica of what Achebe stands for; his mission and vision, his dexterity matured ways in dealing with members, his philantropisism, accommodating nature, Spiritual soundness, versatility and in-depth knowledge, time management and managerial acumen, just to mention but a few.

Above are few of the reasons we gather anually at the priests cemetery located at The Basilica of The Most Holy Trinity, Onitsha every 25th January to celebrate His heroic transition and plead for his soul to continuously rest in peace.

Our Great Father Founder; Very Rev. Mosignor Okey Patrick Achebe was born on 7th January 1943 at Abatete, Idemili North LGA, Anambra State. He was ordained a Catholic Priest on 29th March 1969 by Bishop Joseph Hasler, Bishop of St. Gallen at Altsatten S.G. Switzerland.

I feel highly privileged to be a member of the Man Of Order And Discipline (MOD) Movement, Nigeria. It calls for total reflection especially as we celebrate a great visionary and philosopher, a writer per excellence, a disciplinarian to the core, a great pastor and teacher, the founder of the most populous voluntary uniformed organization in the Catholic Church, our most cherished Father Founder, Late Very Rev. Msgr. Okey Patrick Achebe.

May we therefore give honour to whom it is due by observing a minute silence in respect to our great fallen HERO and other departed members. May their souls rest in peace, Amen

At a period like this, it shall be proper to trace our genesis by reexamining our aims, objectives and duties, modus operandi, action and inactions, with the intention to redress and reposition ourselves for better. The success of MOD depends largely on how informed the members are and their willingness to adhere to the norms and standards of the organization they found themselves. There is need for us to ask ourselves some pertinent questions bordering on our conducts, actions and inactions. Ex ray our engagements, achievements, problems and challenges; reposition ourselves for the enormous task ahead

Today, we are privileged to be united in this big family called MOD. We are all labourers in this big farm acquired by Very Rev. Msgr. O. P. Achebe in 1983 (40 yrs ago).

The history of MOD Nigeria can be traced to 1983 when the Movement made her first outing at Shanahan hall during the Onitsha Young Catholic Association (ONYCAS) Convention. This outing marked the beginning of the most organized and populous lay apostolate Movement in Nigeria. A movement founded by a Catholic Priest from Abatete in Idemili L. G. A. of Anambra State. A disciplinarian to the core, a linguist, creative writer and founder of the Gallus Caritas Centre. Former Chancellor and special adviser to Late Archbishop Ezeanya of Onitsha Archdiocese.

Our Father Founder bagged his Doctorate Degree in 1972, had pastoral experiences in Austria, France, Germany, and Switzerland. He held over twenty nine (29) prominent offices and service ministries in the Church between 1972 to 1997. He published over 23 books and creative works and was addressed as the doyen of evangelization and ecumenical projector of Catholicity as well as an industrious and exemplary priest.

Late Monsignor O. P. Achebe was also the founder of the Gallus Caritas, an organisation that promotes Christian Charity, strong faith and goodness.

He was the Rector of All Hallows Seminary Onitsha, where MOD originated (1975-1987).
Made a Papal Chamberlain by Pope John Paul De 11 in 1984.
Served as Chancellor and Secretary to Late Archbishop Ezeanya of Onitsha Archdiocese from 1987-1995 and his special assistant until the Archbishop died in 1996.
Achebe was the editor of Trinitas Newspaper and Chairman of Pontifical Missionary Society until death struck.
O.P. Achebe was highly gifted and versed. His hobbies include researching, peace initiatives, drama writing/directing, lawn and table tennis, ludo, writing, reading and listening to music. He speaks Igbo, English, Latin, French, German and Italian languages fluently.

MOD Nigeria sprang up in 1983 at All Hallows Seminary Onitsha. The membership of MOD remained and revolved within the conclave of the All Hallows Seminary Onitsha between 1983 to 1984.
The pioneer members of MOD include – Rev. Frs. Donald Chukwudolue, Ignatius Nwankwocha, Cosmas Ikeh, Christopher Nwobi, Jude Onyeka, Alex Umenweke, Raymond Akpanonu, Theophilus Ebuleme, Jude Ikeokwu, Comrade Placid Ughaonu, Jude Okoye, Ferdinand Odimegwu, Alex Ekeh, Innocent Egwutuorah, Martin’s Peters, just to mention but a few.

From Comrade Placid Ughaonu (1983)
to Col. Alexander Chiwetalu 2019, MOD Nigeria has been consistently striving to succeed despite all odds.

We appreciate the contributions and support of our Grand Patrons, most importantly – His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Valerian Okeke and other Bishops who welcomed and embraced MOD. Accept our continued service and loyalty.

Perhaps MOD Nigeria would have been history without the moderation and contributions of the following Chaplains whose charismatic leadership assured the tremendous progress of the Movement; some were great administrators, financial managers, disciplinarians, while others severed as catalyst and ladders through which MOD metamorphosed for better. Rev. Frs. Francis Oborji, A. Odimegwa, I. Etiaba, P., B. Gbuzue, A. Igweagu, P. Nwankwo, C. Ngwu, A. Onyiloha, Gen. A. Ndukaji, Gen I. Egbunike, , Late Lt. Gen P. Okeafor, Gen. P. Nwafor (Incumbent Chaplain General).

We are not ignorant of the services of our amiable Chaplains across the thirty three (33) registered DMC’s nationwide. To our dogged Provincial, State, DMC, Parish and Zonal Chaplains and Officers, we are indeed proud of you all.

At this juncture, it is pertinent to mention that MOD Nigeria in the last twenty years (23yrs) had enjoyed the services of the following Chaplain Generals-
(1)Rev. Fr. General Augustine Ndukaji (Kajis) – 2000 – 2010
(2)Rev. Fr. General Innocent Egbunike (Acho) – 2010 – 2017
(3)Rev. Fr. General Augustine Ndukaji – 2017 – 2018
(4)Rev. Fr. Gen. Philip Nwafor – 2018 – Date.
That is to prove we are not alone in this journey of faith because the Church is with us.

On a serious note, I shall not fail to acknowledge the contributions of our amiable Patrons and Patronesses nationwide. The father founder of MOD Nigeria, Late Very Rev. Monsignor Okey Patrick Achebe on December 28th 1988 appointed Late Chief Sir Cletus Chukwuemeka Unaji (Eziokwubundu 1 of Orsumenyi) the 1st National Chief Patron of MOD Nigeria. An office he held till his demise on the 8th September 2009. He was replaced by Brigadier Gen. Chief Barr. Innocent Ozoaka following the 2012 appointment by General Innocent Egbunike. Today, the mantle of leadership has been handed over to Brigadier General Steve Yahaya (Major Solution). Hopes are high that the Patrons Council this time shall live up to expectations as it is made up of Men and Women of timber and Calibre, Professionals, Academic gurus, Captains of industries, Politicians, Seasoned administrators from various sphere of life. But it is regrettable that we are yet to feel the impact of our able Patrons. There is need to facilitate the development of MOD property at Ogidi, assisting in empowering our teeming members, assisting in securing job opportunity for our members without asking for ungodly gratifications, insuring that they live pure Christain lives as Fathers and Mothers of the Movement bearing in mind that we look up to them as role models. Assisting in sustaining MOD in their various divisions. The list is endless.

The man we are celebrating, in his wisdom, outlined his intentions for establishing MOD. He also gave strick conditions to be adopted in recruiting intending members as well as the type of work they are expected to do.

As a philosopher and a disciplinarian, he was not ignorant of the challenges we are bound to face as members of this great movement. Therefore, he equivocally stated the organogram of MOD Nigeria.

All these from inception, are contend in the MOD pamphlet (though seriously begging for review). However it is disheartening to note that most of us have not seen a copy of the MOD handbook talk more of reading through the contents. (One cannot give what he has not). That is no doubt the reason why we are at this level today.

The aims, objectives and duties of MOD are clearly stated in our pamphlet.
A critical study of these reasons cumulates and borders on raising a disciplined individual who loves God and the Church with all his might and heart. One who is ready to sacrifice his time in winning souls to Christ by living exemplary life, just as our Father founder did.

In short, the aims and objectives of MOD Nigeria is summarized in our pledge. May we recite with one voice the MOD pledge.
I always listen with great delight each time we recite the MOD pledge. Also, I have been able to raise these few questions. Kindly search your conscience as you answer them.

(1)Are you faithful to the catholic church
(2)How good is your conscience?, do you actually back it up with works of Charity.
(3)Are you a practising Catholic?. How often do you go to confession and receive the Holy Communion?
(4)Do you actually know the doctrines and morales of the Catholic Church. When last did you attend a catechism class.
(5)Do you know the Church Liturgy before we talk of loving it?
(6)How do you spread the doctrine and liturgy of the Catholic Church?. Have you ever engaged yourself in any form of Evangelization?.
(7)Are you disciplined and orderly?.
(8)Are you a good example to others around you?.Do people admire the way you live your life and etch to be like you?. How many people have joined MOD because of you.?

These are questions begging for answers. Let us be sincere to ourselves, let us tell ourselves the truth. Are we actually fulfilling the wish of Late Very Rev. Msgr. O. P. Achebe. If not, what are the problems?

Unfortunately, most of us have deviated from our primary assignment as listed out by the Father Founder whom we are celebrating today. Some of us neither attend mass on Sundays nor receive Holy Communion. Others are either unlawfully leaving together as husband and wife or keeping a litany of erotic friends of the opposite sex.

Our training grounds and camps have been turned to a place of jamboree where ungodly activities are perpetrated without reservations. Most of our activities have been monetized. We now request for instant gratification for services rendered to God through the Church.

Some of our Chaplains and Patrons had devoured the sheep’s placed under their care instead of shepherding and taking care of them and as such has gradually lost their authority.

The quest for power has taken the place of selfless service and integrity. Everybody wants to be at the top at all cost. Meritocracy, Prudence, Discipline, Honesty, Hardwork, Diligence, Selfless service, Etc has given way to God fatherism, Blackmail, Favouritism, Pride, Arrogance, Gossip Mediocrity, character assasination and impunity. Some privileged members are nowadays semi gods and untouchables, worshiped by gullible members in other to get one favour or the other. Very regrettable indeed.

We want to be like the Armed Forces. Many aready have started dressing like them with the DSI and Discipline Committee doing little or nothing about it. Disobidence is now the order of the day; most of those saddled with the responsibilty of check mating erring members have betrayed the trust imposed on them. Some members have been asking when the government will approve gun for them and start paying MOD like other law enforcement agencies, simply because they are not well informed.

The compulsory probational stage where new intakes are acquainted and groomed with the rudiments and fundamentals of MOD has been neglected with absolute impunity. Anything can go is the new slogan for most leaders.

Dear Comrades, let us not be a disappointment, let us wakeup from slumber and hold the bull by the horn.

Let us go back to drawing board and rewrite all the wrongs. We can still get it right by team work rather than creating unnecessary bottlenecks and protocols which at long run becomes counter productive to the aims and objectives of MOD.

Let us learn to put square pipes in square holes as a house built on ordinary sand cannot withstand the hash weather. It is bound to collapse as soon as the wind blow.

Let us make our great Father Founder happy by upholding and cherishing the amiable virtuous of this Great Movement. That is the right thing to do.

Finally, I wish to congratulate and encourage those officers and Men who irrespective of the numerous challenges, local politics, egocentrism, God fatherism, and various diverse interests, has kept faith with our thankless Organization (MOD). God alone who rewards good work shall be your strength.

“Soldier come, soldier go, barrack remain”

May the souls of Late Rev. Msgr. O.P Achebe, Late Rev. Fr. Lt. Gen. Peter Okeafor, Late Chief Sir C.C. Unaji, Late Lt. Col. P. Nkereuwem, Lt. Col. Emma Ihekweazu, Lt. Col. Eugene Agu, Comrade Hyginus Onyeulor (Aka Black), Comrade Leo Obasi (Agile Papa) and other departed heros and heroines rest in peace, Amen.

Collectively, we shall take MOD Nigeria to the next level.

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