Family calls on DSS for release of Abdulfatai Umar over failing health

By Samuel Godspower

Following fears of his failing health, having being an asthmatic patient, the
family of Abdulfatai Umar who was arrested on 31st December, 2022 have appealed to the Department of State Security, DSS to release him.

The younger sister of the detainee,
Miss Umar Minatula speaking at a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja, said, his brother was an asthmatic patient who has been on drugs before he was arrested three weeks ago, fearing that his condition might get worse while in detention of the DSS facility.

She narrated that the secret Police arrested him without disclosing his offence, even when they went to their office with their lawyer.

She disclosed that their mother collapsed and was currently in hospital when she was told of how DSS operatives arrested Abdulfatai Umar in Abuja on 31st having not heard from him during the new year because he’s the breadwinner of the family.

She explained: “On 31st December, 2022, I went out to buy something and on my way back, I saw some men in black with nose mask in our compound and I asked my neighbour who they are because I was scared and he said they were DSS officers.

“So I had to wait for them as they took their scanner and were scanning from door to door and on getting to our door, they broke it and drag my brother out. Because I don’t know what was going on, I asked and they said I should enter the house and sit down.

“The following day Monday, I went to the Department of State Security office with my lawyer to find out what my brother’s offence is and they chased us out and asked us to write a letter and bring to them which we did and since then till now we haven’t heard anything from them.

“My mother is aged and she collapsed when she heard the news that her son, Umar Abdulfatai was arrested by the DSS.

“When he was dragged out of the room, the operatives proceded to the car lot where he was washing his car and took it along with him.

“What we are saying is if it was an arrest for an offence that the family has not been told, at least the DSS should reach out to the family and let them know his offence.

“We don’t really know what is happening because since 31st of last year than the DSS picked him up without any further briefing from them, it looks like an abduction.”

Also, the appeal to the DSS was greeted with a peaceful protest as protesters demanded for his release or should be charged to the Court of competent jurisdiction.

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