Any Minimum Wage Less Than ₦100,000 Is An Insult To Nigerian Workers – Ned Nwoko

Any Minimum Wage Less Than ₦100,000 Is An Insult To Nigerian Workers - Ned Nwoko

Delta North Senator, Ned Nwoko, has proposed a new minimum wage of ₦100,000 for Nigerian workers, saying anything below that would be an insult to workers.

The lawmaker asserted that with the current economic situation in Nigeria, it would be difficult for workers to survive and live a normal life with a minimum wage of less than ₦100,000.

He argued that in determining the eventual minimum wage, the government must be realistic in its evaluation of the economic situation in the country.

Speaking at an award event in Abuja, Nwoko said: “There are so many problems in Nigeria, from the economy to security issues, minimum wage and all of that. If you ask me about minimum wage, I will say that at least, everybody deserves a raise. Even if we say N100,000, I will think it is the ideal thing. But look, what can N100,000 do for anybody? Tell me, how many bags of rice can that buy? How many fuel tanks can that fill? So, we have to be realistic about our economy.

“Government is meant to provide an environment for those who are doing business to do well or create jobs where possible. But we must have a minimum wage. It is not very good, to put it mildly, when people are paid minimum wage that is abysmal and they are not able to achieve the basic needs of life.

“So, I think that a minimum wage of N100,000 is not out of place. That should be the beginning. That kind of amount should be what we should be looking at. Anything less than that is an insult to the civil servant.”

Speaking further, the federal lawmaker expressed support for the proposed ban on open grazing.

He submitted that it is a welcome development which is in the interest of everyone including the farmers and herders.

“It is in the interest of Nigerians, especially the cattle owners, herders and farmers. Everyday, we hear stories of famers/headers clashes. It is either the farmers are killed by armed herdsmen or the herders suffer one casualty or the other. So, with the ban, there won’t be any losses. Everybody deserves to live and move freely as good citizens. Again, owners of cows and herders will benefit a lot. I was discussing with an armed herder on why he was carrying AK 47. He said it was to protect himself and his cows from thieves and cattle rustlers. You can see that while the ban will save farmers, it can also save the herders from being attacked. Second, this movement of cows from one state to another makes our cows look emaciated. If a cow is feeding in one place, it will be well fed and look good. Look at the cows from Morocco and other countries that practice ranching, their cows look well fed, healthier and big. Let’s leave sentiment alone and move this country forward. There is more to gain than to lose with a complete ban on open grazing,” Nwoko submitted.

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